Carbon Beach Real Estate

Carbon Beach, also know as "Billionaires Beach," current residents include Larry Ellison, David Geffen, Eli Broad and Paul Allen to name just a few. Known as the one of the most exclusive and expensive beach stretches in all of California. Carbon Beach real estate fetches anywhere from $8 million for older house on smaller lot, all the way up to $40 million for the expansive newer construction properties on tripple lots (Prices have maintained here due to the such limited inventory and high demand with only 70 lots on Carbon Beach). You might be wondering why Carbon Beach real estate is so highly priced and attrictive to big buyers?...The reason being that Carbon has the dryest beach in Malibu, meaning it has the the most dry sand through the year from low to high tide, perfect for early sunrise or late afternoon sunset runs on the beach. Also, Carbon beach is very centrally located just off the Pacific Coast Highway, making this prime real estate for it's short commute into areas within the city of Los Angeles.   

Carbon Beach Rentals

Carbon Beach is also a major hot spot for summer beach rentals. Many high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities rent on the beach during the summer. Properties typically get rented out at a minimum of $25k all the way up to $200k per month (a downpayment on a house for most people, is just a month stay in paradise for others).


Carbon Beach Homes For Sale