Latigo Shore Real Estate


West of Malibu Road and East of Malibu Cove Colony, Latigo Shore is one of Malibu's best kept secrets. It has of the best surf spots in Malibu for stand-up paddle surfing and is just a 10 minute walk west to Paradise Cove. Latigo Shore offers beach homes as well as land-side homes along a country side road. Latigo Shore beach homes range from $5,000,000 up to approximately $35,000,000 (Dick Clarks 11 acre Latigo Shore beach estate)

Latigo Shore History and Community


In the 1940's, Pacific Coast Highway was rerouted above the bluff and Latigo Shore was born. In 1943, a 11 and a quarter acres was purchase by Rick and Luella Ulrich which cost them a little more than $10,000. The property consisted most of the Eastern end of Latigo shore bluff and a strip of beach between Malibu Cove Colony and Latigo Shore. The Ulrich's property was later developed into an 6,000 Sq/ft foot, three story brick house, beach house, manicured grounds, waterfalls and more. The property became known as the Gull's Way and was used for many famous TV shows and movies such as "Fantasy Island" and "It's Only Money." 

In the early 90's, Luella donated the property to Pepperdine, the property was later listed in 2002 for $15 million. Dick Clark bought it for an undisclosed price. 

Tivoli Cove Condos For Sale


Located just off of Latigo Shore, Tivoli Cove is located on Seagull Way. Originally built in 1973, and later sold to Pepperdine for off campus housing, but was later sold to investors that revamped the complex with a remodel turning it into a 104 condos. Tivoli Cove is a mediterranean condo development with it's one private beach with BBQ and volleyball courts. Tivoli Cove also has a pool, tennis court, gym and is manicured with palm trees and many tropical plants which gives it a very Hawaiian vibe. Tivoli Cove condos are valued between the mid $300's to $1 million depending on the unit. 

Latigo Beach Houses For Sale