Malibu Colony Real Estate

Referred by most Malibu localsas the "original malibu." Centrally located and walking distance to the markets, restaurants, shopping and the movie theater in cross creek. Malibu Colony offer high end private beach living to the wealthy. It is a go to neighborhood for the rich and famous of Hollywood, but it wasn't always.  

Back in 1892, May Knight Ringe and her husband Frederick Hastings Rindge, bought Rancho Malibu tract (13,330 acres) for only $10 an acre (Can you imagine if prices were still same today?... Should I buy a sandwich for lunch or an acre of Malibu land? Tough decision, but I would choose the land). The Rindges cattle and grain ranch was later expanded to over 17,000 acres of Malibu. 

After Fredricks death in 1905, May Ringe started leasing out Malibu Colony lots to Hollywood stars such as Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow and Bing Crosby where they build charming cottages by the sea. Many of the stars eventually purchased the lots after the Malibu Colony leases ended. 

Malibu Colony homes for sale

Malibu Colony offer high end private beach living to the wealthy. Prices ranges from $4 million for a landside (Not on beach) Colony home all the way to about $25 million for brand new construction on the beach. 

Malibu Colony rentals

Rental high season in Malibu Colony starts in the summer from June till Labor day where Malibu Colony owners will rent their homes out for top dollar, getting prices from $50,000 all the way up to $250,000 a month.

The Colony is one of the most exclusive and desireable places to be for the Fourth of July where residents will throw parties and everybody walks the beach party hopping from one successful entertainment mogul to the next, there is also an incredible barge firework show in front of the beach paid by some of wealthy residents.


Malibu Colony Homes For Sale