Malibu Luxury Estates 


Malibu has luxury estates of all kinds. From beach estates, horse property estates, vineyard estates and bluff estates. Malibu has been known for having some of the most unique and finely built estates in the whole world. 

The high end luxury estate market has definitely gone up in price with some properties that cannot be duplicated. Just recently, Malibu had it's highest residential sale of all time - the billionaire money manager Howard Marks sold his Encinal Bluff estate for $75 million. The Malibu Luxury Estate was being sold as a pocket listing for $125 million until a unanimous Russian Billionaire forked over the cash to close the deal. 

Malibu Luxury Estate Pocket Listings


More and more often are the finest Malibu estates being sold privately as pocket listings. This end of the market is very exclusive and in demand with big buyers that typically want something that's unavailable on the MLS, or want to keep their purchase quiet from eyes of others. Here are some of the most popular areas to buy high end luxury estates in Malibu:

Paradise Cove Bluffs - Located between Paradise Cove and Escondido beach, these properties can range up to $50 million. This is a very attractive area if you're looking to own multiple acres on the bluff above one of the best dry sand beaches in all of Malibu. The estates on Paradise Cove Bluffs are very private and centrally located. 

Encinal Bluffs - Located North of Broad Beach, this area is prime for owning a very private luxury estate with acres land above the secluded beaches of Northern Malibu. Many celebrities and high level entrepreneurs buy in to Encinal Bluffs to have the ultimate retreat in Malibu. 

Point Dume - Located between Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove, this is the ultimate community to own an estate by the beach. Point Dume has one of the most exclusive private beaches in Southern California and is a popular and in demand getaway for the rich and famous. Many of the estates are on the Point Dume bluffs overlooking the ocean, but there are also great private estates located inland from the bluffs, such as Bob Dylan's horse estate.


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