Malibu Road Real Estate

A classic neighborhood of Malibu beach houses centrally located off a 2.5 mile country road West of Malibu Colony. Malibu Road is perfect for beach house buyers looking for easy access into the city and or the central area - Malibu Country Mart.  

Beach houses range in price from $4.5 all the way up to approximately $40 million. Prices fluctuate depending on lot size, beach frontage, whether or not house is located on wet or dry beach and obviously size and condition of property are a big factor as well. One of the major positives of Malibu Road is the fact is a beach community that escapes the chaotic noises of PCH, unlike many beach neighborhoods in Malibu.   

Malibu Road was originally a part of the Pacific Coast Highway up until 1948 when PCH was moved inland allowing Malibu Road to be set upon a country side road. The Malibu Colony Plaza shopping center is technically off of Malibu Road and borders Webb Way.  There are now approximately 250 homes that make up this beautiful ocean side community. The majority of beach homes on Malibu Road are double story single family homes on the beach, some are even 3 levels. Some homes on Malibu Road offer contemporary beach living, with expansive decks for entertaining and larger square footage. The land-side homes on the street are on larger lots of 1.25 acres up to 4 acres. 


Malibu Road Homes for sale

Malibu Road Beach Homes For Sale