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Johnny Steindorff



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22611 Pacific Coast Hwy

Johnny Steindorff

I am a lover of life, adventurer, ultra-marathoner, entrepreneur, real estate agent, and investor.

I started selling residential real estate in Malibu, CA during one of the worst markets in US history, eventually, through a lot of persistence, handwork and relationship building I've been able to become a partner at 4 Malibu Real Estate, Inc (Currently, a top brokerage in Malibu). In 2015, I sold over $30,000,000 in real estate. I represent sellers and buyers on their residential and commercial transactions.  

I have been in a serious love affair with Malibu for the past 20 years ever since my family moved here from Scottsdale Arizona. Ever since, I've been obsessed with the community, beaches, surfing, hiking, lifestyle and real estate.  

I am passionate about connecting the dots via people & things. Very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams with whatever I can do to help. 

I am an avid surfer, runner, skier, reader & adventurer (Yes, I also enjoy long walks on the beach listening to 90's hits).

Recent Sales | Leases 

Pacific Coast Hwy $23,000,000

27352 Pacific Coast Hwy - $8,000,000

Off Market Point Dume  - $7,450,000

24116 Malibu Rd - Sold at $4,700,000

28861 Selfridge - $3,800,000

Point Dume Pocket Listing - $3,800,000

Point Dume Ranch Pocket Listing - $2,900,000

1021 Georgina, Santa Monica - Sold at $2,800,000

123 Paradise Cove - Sold at $650,000

28348 Rey De Copas - Sold at $395,000

23736 Malibu Colony - Leased at $116,000 per month

32420 Pacific Coast Highway - Leased at $35,000 per month

21818 Pacific Coast Highway - Leased at $25,000 per month



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